Aerial Scouting Cloud Platform for all of us

Skyglyph for corporate users:
Provide quick and easy start of using
drones in their industry-specific
business processes
For drone operation companies:
Help create of industrial focused
solution for quick and easy scale
of business
For individual professionals:
Convert any personal drone
into business instrument
for Aerial Scouting

Skyglyph eliminates the gap between the technical aspects of aerial surveying and the “plug and play” needs of its users:

1. Quick start

Sign Up and get basic GIS-based  
instruments for maping your assets
and infrastructure and planning
of surveys by drones

2. Stop wasting time to find
appropriate software

Our cloud platform covers all functions: from flight planning to images analysing

3. Quick integration

You existing UAVs into scouting business process

4. Be sure that your data safe
and secure

collect, process and store huge volume of visual materials in the our cloud
5. Analyze and share
your information with easy

Graph-based engine allow present all
information visually and using familiar
business terms. Share information
across your organization and community.
Collaborate with colleagues
and experts.

6. Get the right knowledge
for decision-making

Turn images into knowledge and big
data with help of our image processing
engines and consultants

The results are simple and concise while at the same time providing
an intrinsically valuable asset for site analysis.

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